Transport solutions for
commercial vehicles

Accessories for carrying solutions



Specific loading rollers

Specific loading rollers are adapted to vehicles equipped with rear view cameras.



Revolving light holder

The revolving light and its holder can easily be fixed on the MTS galvanised or aluminium roof racks; outside or inside the roof rack (depending on the models).
It is powered by a detachable coiled cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter. These articles can be sold separately.


Warning triangle bracket

Thanks to this bracket, every kind of warning triangle can be fastened on MTS roof bars and racks in aluminium.


Adjustable spoiler

On the motorway, the equipment of some vehicles can cause vibration or whistling, which cannot be entirely eliminated by the integrated spoiler. The additional adjustable spoiler significantly reduces such noise.


Ladder stop

For the range in aluminium or steel - for stopping the ladders before fastening the tension belt.