Transport solutions for
commercial vehicles

Security and stowage


Belt retractor unit

This new quick-action load-securing system enables you to safely secure your load onto your roof rack in less than one minute.

The belt retractor unit can be quickly secured to the side of your roof rack using the jaw-action fixing system.

As the unit remains permanently attached to the vehicle, you no longer need to spend time looking for your belts and the risk of losing belts is eradicated.

You can check that the load is optimally tensioned by means of a visual inspection and the belt can be replaced in case of wear.

- Plastic unit made of 60% fibre glass
- Belt measures 25 mm in width and 1.8 m in length
- Steel fixing hook with a protective plastic coating to prevent damage to the bodywork Each belt retractor unit sold separately.

MTS recommends using two units on each side.

MTS references Aluminium roof rack: BAL1000 Galvanised steel roof rack: BAG1000


Anti-theft ladder locks

You can secure your ladders against theft and ensure an extra-secure attachment during transport using these key-operated locks.

- Composite material
- Maximum load height: 20 cm
- Stainless-steel locking clamp
- Service life: can be used up to 10,000 times
- Supplied as a set of two, with two keys Crash test (20G – ECE 17.07)

MTS references: SC2000





Anti-theft cable

The braided-steel adjustable cable can be used to secure goods on roof racks, roof bars, ladder racks, etc.

(length 1.80 m - Ø 10 mm).