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Premium Ladder Rack

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The Premium ladder rack was developed for commercial vehicles with medium or large volumes.

The loading capacity of this ladder transport system is 80 kg on each equipped vehicle side (within the loading limits given by the car maker). It can be either mounted on the right or on the left side of the vehicle and even on both sides. The device of the Premium system can be handled either manually or electrically.

When both sides are equipped, it is even possible to mix the combinations, i.e manual on one side and electrical on the other side.

Manual folding down
with a crank handle
Motorized folding down with an electrical device connected to the main vehicle battery


Why should you choose this ladder rack?

• These products have been listed by the greatest energy and telecommunication companies over 25 years.

• Adapted to the transport of heavy ladders (80 Kg on each side), it is as well possible to carry ladders with platforms by addition of a PIRL set. This allows a third stowing point capable of carrying every kind of ladder.

• Both vehicle sides can be fitted.

• Manual or electrical control device. The electrical version is fitted with an included 12 V motor not requiring the use of a voltage transformer.

• Quick securing of the ladders by means of loop straps fixed on the ladder transport system

• When the ladder transport system is getting down, the operator is never exposed to the load.

• A half roof rack in aluminium can be associated to the ladder rack system.

• Its conception allows an easy maintain, a maintenance booklet is delivered with the ladder transport system to ensure the system longevity.

• It is guaranteed 2 years and all the spare parts remain available during 10 years.

• In case you change your vehicle, the ladder rack system can be re-mounted on the new one : you only need to change the fixing set.