Transport solutions for
commercial vehicles


  Founded in 1975, MTS designs, manufactures and distributes roof racks and accessories for commercial vehicles. MTS equipment is made to fit a wide range of current and past vehicle models, including both standard and customised versions.

When MTS became a member of the NOVARC Group in 2013, it was incorporated into the PSAI division, which specialises in the provision of products and services for the automotive sector.


Quality assurance, safety,
product development,
environmentally friendly approach


compliance with standards,
commercial production


Research, concept development and design

Marketing, advertising,
sales, despatch and
after sales service

Assembling, labelling,
quality control and packaging

  Quality - Safety - Environment  

MTS is committed to a comprehensive quality process and has demonstrated its ability to anticipate market needs.

Our products continuously evolve to better meet the expectations of our customers and users.

All MTS load-carrying product ranges are tested and validated. Stress simulations and physical tests are carried out in-house and under the control of the UTAC. Our technical validation procedures include road tests.


MTS constantly improves safety of use for its products, in compliance with the European load-carrying standards. The working conditions of our collaborators are regularly evaluated, in order to optimize the ergonomics and the safety of each workplace.

MTS is committed to protecting nature. From the design stage onwards, our manufacturing processes integrate a respect for the environment, to ensure we achieve sustainable development. The supply sources and the suppliers are carefully selected, in order to limit emissions and allow the recycling of all the components at a product’s end-of-life.