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MTS - COVID 19 - May 2020


On 17 March 2020, when business operations related to equipping commercial vehicles were still in full swing, the whole of France entered a lockdown to limit the spread of the virus COVID-19.

In line with recommendations from government bodies, MTS reorganised its operations to protect its employees while also partially continuing its activities.

We ensured the continuity of our commercial and logistical operations so that our products could still be shipped to sites in France and elsewhere in Europe that remained open. As of now, you can contact our sales office, who will be ready to fulfil your requirements.

During this period, production continued at MTS on a reduced scale to ensure that any tasks necessary for the survival of the company and its production equipment were completed. To this end, we implemented the safety and safeguarding measures necessary to ensure anyone involved in such tasks would be optimally protected. This period of reduced operations gave us an opportunity to perform some advanced maintenance operations. We also optimised our processes for restocking.

Everyone who was able to work remotely continued to perform their role. They have succeeded in working together using digital remote working and web conferencing tools, while staying connected with the company and its dynamic processes.

To protect jobs and to safeguard our teams’ professional expertise during this very difficult time, employees were furloughed on a rolling basis.

The French government has announced that a gradual easing of the lockdown will begin on 11 May 2020. It will certainly take some time before all companies around the country are able to return to their previous levels of activity, but MTS is very well prepared for the transition. We have adopted new ways of working as a result of this crisis. We are ready to resume full operations, while continuing to protect our teams and everyone we interact with.

As ever, MTS is at your service, ready to provide high-quality products of continually optimised performance, designed and made in France and fulfilling the highest of demands from users.

We hope that things go as well as possible for you as the lockdown eases.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Best wishes,

The MTS Team