April 2018
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Verso 2
The new mechanical operated
MTS ladder rack system

Verso 2
is a safe and easy solution for loading and unloading one or more ladders effortlessly.
The locking of the system is secured by a double safety device.

The main purpose of the ladder rack is safety in the field of accident prevention. It is equipped with systems which enable to both pull and tip out the ladder at breast height in a perfect balanced motion – regardless of the position.
Verso 2 has been developed for any model of commercial vehicle (from small to big sized) and can be either mounted on the right or on the left side of the vehicle and even on both sides.

Verso 2 includes:
· a device for unloading at the rear of
  the vehicle– equipped with a gas spring,
· vehicle-specific roof bars,
· an operating lever/handle.

New :
Ladder storage system in the interior of the vehicle

For those who prefer to store their ladder inside the vehicle: This ingenious system enables to suspend it onto the roof lining, thus leaving free space on the vehicle floor.

This system is very easy to handle and perfectly suited to MTS EAG ladders, but it can also operate with further types of ladders.

So shiny!
MTS offers you a special cleaning set for its carrying/transport solutions and accessories.

The cleaning set consists of a bag with:
- a highly effective insect remover,
- a polishing cleaner,
- 2 microfiber wipes.


We have set up a number of videos showing some of our carrying/transport solutions. You can find them online on our website.

These videos show how our systems and accessories make work easier and improve safety for commercial car users. Click HERE >